Kr 169,00
From this two-component system you can create such shapes that resemble ivory objects. It can be used in many ways to prepare knick-knacks. jewels. furniture ornament. or as 3D decoration elements of scrapbook and mixed media creations. Cast a homogeneous mixture of identical quantity of the two components to a flexible mold [silicone. soft PVC] and then let it dry. The drying time is 30 ? 40 minutes at room temperature. depending on the size of the mold. The object taken out from the mold at that point is still flexible. can be shaped and cut. After complete drying. about in two hours. the shape will become hard. it cannot be formed any more. The objects made from ivory resin have beige color; their surface is shiny. smooth. but you can also color them.
You can color the entire mass of the resin itself by alcohol-based Pentart color solution. by color powder and by effect pigment powders. You can color only the surface of the object e.g. by acrylic paint. Pentart media ink. spray paint. wax pastes.
Please read the instructions before using the product.