Kr 179,00
The fashy GreenLine hot water bottle is made of organic PE. obtained from the renewable raw material sugar cane. which doesn?t produce any CO2 emissions. And in addition. because organic PE is completely recyclable. it protects the environment and the rain forests too. Sugar cane farming in Brazil is controlled very strictly and is not allowed to have any impact on the rain forests.
GreenLine is free of softening agents and PVC and thanks to its stable shape very easy to fill. The removable covers are made of fleece and. new since this year. they are also available in recycled polyester. GreenLine is produced in Europe in cooperation with the Finneck Foundation. which offers employment opportunities for disabled people. There the hot water bottles are covered and packed before being despatched to customers. Cuddly. fleecy and environmentally-friendly.

removable cover
Better fillability through higher material strength
High stability and seamless through innovative manufacturing technology
Heat-resistant bio-plastic
With filling funnel for a safe filling