Kr 675,00
The original fashy hot water bottle. 100% cashmere.

For relaxation and feeling of well-being. Effectively relieves painn when heat terapy is recommended. such as peristalsis and circulaion problems. relaxation of muscle cramps.. and relaxation of menstrual cramps.

Not to be used for: feverish conditions. inflammations etc.
Do not heat up in the microwave. Avoid prolonged cotant with the skin as hot water bottles can cause burns. do not use any additives such as cooking salt or similar.
If childern use the hot-water bottle. adult supervision is recommended.
Check the hot water bottle and closure regularly for wear and damage.
Do not use boiling water. Even the hot tap water can scald. Holding the hot-water bottle by its neck fill caefully to a maximum of 2/3 to prevent any water from splashing back. Gently squeeze the bottle until water appears at the neck and insert the stopper and tighten. Check if its sealed.