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This is a great starter kit for anyone who loves to draw. It contains everything you need for detailed drawings with shading and colours. as well as sketching. life drawing and crayon/charcoal drawing. either with a real model or small mannequin. Comes in an attractive wooden case

These drawing pencils with different hardnesses are great when you want to draw in detail. The hard pencils [H] have a lighter colour and the soft ones [B] have a darker colour. This is an advantage when working with shadows/shading on a drawing. You could also supplement or combine with coloured pencils and pastel chalk pencils. depending on the desired expression. Charcoal and pastel chalk pencils are very soft and porous drawing tools. which are suitable for rougher sketching on coarse paper. where the lines can be rubbed out and blended or removed with the tapered blending stump or the kneadable eraser [which can be pulled apart and modelled into the desired shape]. This mannequin can be placed and arranged into different positions and is a great way to help you keep track of the proportions and lines of a human body when sketching or doing life drawing. The sandpaper is used to sand the tip of the blending stump when it has worn down

For drawing pencils. sketch or drawing paper is recommended. while for charcoal and chalk pastel pencils. a slightly coarser drawing paper is recommended that can hold the colours better than smooth paper. To avoid porous charcoal etc. from being rubbed out. we recommend that you spray fixative over the picture once youve finished to protect your artwork. Immersion and calm Spread joy

Contents: Coloured pencils. drawing pencils of different hardness/darkness [graphite scale]. charcoal. paper stump. kneadable eraser. mannequin doll. eraser. sharpener and sandpaper

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