Kr 4 294,00
mahogany stained and lacquered. 410 x 200 x 160mm
· 3 drawers and a compartment for mediums
· 7 mediums in 50ml bottles [Bleached Linseed Oil. Citrus Turpentine. Underpainting Medium No. 1 [fast drying]. Wet-onWet Painting Medium No. 2 [slowly drying]. Fast Drying Glazing Medium No. 3 [Resin Oil Colour]. Picture Varnish [modern. glossy] and Brush Cleaner II] on a height-adjustable lift
· 5 bristle brushes. 2 painting knives. 1 palette and charcoal
· 27 tubes 37ml [Opaque White. Zinc White. Titanium White. Cadmium Yellow lemon. Cadmium Yellow light. Indian Yellow. Cadmium Orange. Cadmium Red light. Lukas Red. Magenta Red [Primary]. Alizarin Crimson. Ultramarine Violet. Cyan Blue [Primary]. Cobalt Blue. Ultramarine. Permanent Green yellowish. Emerald Green. Viridian. Green Earth. Yellow Ochre. English Red. Burnt Sienna. Raw Umber. Van Dyck Brown. Indigo. Payne?s Grey. Ivory Black]